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Mayer, William
Jul 17 7:12 PM EDT
Post #7
DJ. For a guy who 3 weeks ago won a tournament and shoots 4 rounds in the 60s including a 61. To come out and shoot 2 rounds in the 80s, one has to wonder if anyone will trust picking him again. What the heck??
Mayer, William
Jul 16 5:37 PM EDT
Post #6
Just when you thought Dustin Johnson might be back....guess the answer is NOT!!!
Fraenckel, Vic
Jan 23 2:55 PM EST
Post #5
Nevermind. Figured it out.
Fraenckel, Vic
Jan 23 1:45 PM EST
Post #4
On the PGA site's leaderboard, there are two letters next to each players name, in parenthesis. What do they stand for. SC, NC, etc. What do they stand for?
Fraenckel, Vic
Jan 01 11:36 AM EST
Post #3
Thanks for including me this year, Mike. Hope it doesn't take me 21 years to win this one.
Mayer, Michael
Dec 31 7:23 AM EST
Post #2
Just a reminder that the first tournament starts this Thursday! Michael
Mayer, William
Apr 21 9:35 PM EDT
Post #1
Nice Job by Chuck picking up his first win on his first week! Good thing Johnson faded today or it would have been worse for the rest of us. Bill